Our Story

Start your story with an Enchanted Artist…or become one!

Who we are

Welcome to our Enchanted World! We offer products, training and business support for modern and innovative lash and brow services.

There are a lot of women trying very hard to juggle the need for financial independence with work/life balance.  We provide training programs that empower and support women into employment on their terms. We teach skills to develop or expand your own small business; or to be a highly desirable hire for somebody else’s!

Whether it is working around school hours for your children, earning extra money for the household or around personal commitments that can make earning a living a challenge, we help to find a way.  We provide flexible study opportunities so you can train and earn when you have time.

We are committed to ongoing development; especially of ourselves, our course content and our products. We aren’t afraid to lead the way in adopting or even creating best practice when it benefits our customers and the industry we love.

People who choose to be a part of our Enchanted family sometimes need extra assistance or a unique approach to achieve results. If it can be done, we make it happen.

We are dedicated to the ‘Sisterhood’ (and our brothers!).  At Enchanted Beauty Institute, we believe in developing a supportive network of fellow trainers, artists and suppliers to uplift the industry as a whole. There is enough room for everyone to thrive!

Our Vision

We make your fantasy become reality. Our Enchanted, genuine, ethical products, training and services fulfill lifelong dreams and bring the happily ever after you’ve been waiting for.

Our Mission

We give members of our Enchanted family knowledge, expert training, support and products they can trust. In return they provide their customers the best quality, cutting edge beauty services that both customer and stylist have faith in.

All fairytales begin with imagination and the ability to make ourselves believe in our very own dreams coming true. Happily Ever After only comes by challenging the status quo, coming up with innovative solutions, working hard, facing obstacles head on and being true to what matters – and that works for us!

What we do

We deliver in-depth training courses using a competency based style to teaching and learning. What does that mean?  We help you build your skills and knowledge step by step – learn, discuss, practice, then move onto the next part. Our courses are relevant and current, always addressing industry best practice.

We source products from reputable suppliers that are safe, legal, fit for purpose, affordable and the highest possible quality. Each product in our range is tested extensively before we send them to our sisterhood of lash and brow experts to blind test for us.

We actively seek collaborations with like-minded partners who are experts in their own field to benefit all involved.

Our training programs are updated as new trends or practices emerge and we don’t leave past students behind. When you train with us, you join our Enchanted World and continue to benefit – we share any new developments in courses you have previously undertaken with us.

We stay informed on potential changes to government and international regulations, including impacts to safe practices or legal product supply. Safety and compliance is a non-negotiable priority for us.

Ongoing support is a key point of difference for us. Being part of the Enchanted World means we continue to provide you with access to Trainers, Mentors and fellow students; whenever you need advice or tips and tricks, long after your training course is complete.

We are your cheer squad. It makes us proud when we see the full bloom from seeds we planted and helped to grow! We are there to celebrate your successes, big and small.

The Enchanted World

We don’t just sell training courses to issue certificates and sell products. We are proud and pleased to do those things for our graduating students and ongoing clients, but that is not our main purpose.

We have carefully built an unique supportive environment where we can help with the whole process of establishing or expanding businesses to include new treatments once training is completed. We guide new starters, help career changers adapt and provide ongoing support to give confidence in all aspects of client service.

The Unknown can be scary! We make sure we are there to hold hands while you make the jump and get on with spending days getting paid to do what you love.

We also spend a lot of time with trained Artists refining their techniques, updating their knowledge and improving their service which in turn enhances their business.

Our service is Magical Perfection

Whether you want to buy a product or embark on training with us, you can trust that you will receive quality that has been researched, trialed and tested and is reviewed often to ensure we meet current international standards.

Not a Poisoned Apple

We care about REAL quality and the safety and satisfaction of our customers. All products are tested extensively before we sell them and are sourced from reputable suppliers. If a supplier isn’t willing to fully disclose information needed to comply with relevant regulations, we don’t use them – end of story. Safety and compliance is a non-negotiable priority for us.

Our application methods are your Crystal Coach

They enable you to give your clients long lasting, customised beauty treatments that will not damage their lashes or brows. Our application methods are kept up to date with emerging international trends to ensure we deliver to the latest and highest standards.

Not a Pumpkin

Our application methods do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach that completely ignores your client’s face or eye shape or the health of their natural lashes or brows, often leaving a disappointing result that sheds quickly and potentially causes damage or weakness.

Our Artists are your Fairy Godmother

They know what they are doing and they have your best interests at heart. Every Enchanted Beauty Institute Artist is fully qualified and has completed in-depth training with us before being certified. You can be assured you will receive high quality service, products and advice you can trust.

Are we someone you can believe in…Definitely!!

Because everyone deserves a Happy Ending!