#choosetochallenge Empowering Women IWD2021

empowering women image of three women linked

For International Women’s Day 2021, #choosetochallenge inequality, stand up to bias, celebrate your wins and those of your sisterhood. Kick those stereotypes to the kerb!

What should I charge for Eyelash Extensions?

There are two camps on what to charge for eyelash extensions. One believes everyone should have the same prices or risk ruining the industry in an already saturated market. Who’s right??? We break it down…

Are eyepads bad for you?

red and irritated under eye area from a reaction to eye pads

Are Eyepads bad for you? If you’re allergic to shellfish, if they contain MI, if you don’t prepare the eye area properly first, yeah they can be. But they can also be good….do you know what is in your eyepads? Are they legal? Are they harmful?? Have a look at this image. Do you know what caused the redness in the under eye area?

How to Find the Right Trainer (Ultimate Checklist)

beautiful woman sitting and thinking about how to find the right trainer

Do you wish there was a ‘go to’ checklist on how to find the right trainer when you want to book a beauty training course? Here it is! 16 Ultimate Checklist questions to help you find the right trainer!

Life Lesson #1: Time to Get your Shit Sorted

Do you promise yourself that next week will be different? Life Lesson #1. You say to yourself “that’s it! My diet starts next Monday”.  But do you find time? Come Wednesday all the good intentions go and you write the whole week off; only to promise yourself again that come Monday you will be ready to […]

IKEA Home Salon Setup Challenge

How much will my home salon setup cost? As a premier Lash & Brow training Academy, at Enchanted SPA we are asked this all the time.  We also get “What do I need for my home salon setup? Where does everyone go to get amazing and affordable décor and accessories? How do I know it will […]

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Research

participants in cyanoacrylate adhesive for eyelash extensions research study

Are eyelash extension artists at risk of high levels of cyanoacrylate exposure in their day to day work with adhesive? No one REALLY knew. So we did a study to find out!

Adhesives to Lash Stylists – is it me or is it you?

You see it all over the forums. Someone will post a beautiful set of eyelash extensions showing amazing ‘four week retention’. The first question everyone asks is “what eyelash extension adhesive are you using?” We think that if we just find the right adhesive, our bonding and retention will be perfect too. It’s a never […]

A Letter To Your Future Self

REGRETS. Do you have any? I don’t. I’m not sure if that comes down to me being very brave or very stupid, but I try every day to do things even when they scare me. Have a look at the photo below.  This is me (top right) and Lisa Gillanders from Lashworx (top left) on […]