Are eyepads bad for you?

red and irritated under eye area from a reaction to eye pads

Are Eyepads bad for you? If you’re allergic to shellfish, if they contain MI, if you don’t prepare the eye area properly first, yeah they can be. But they can also be good….do you know what is in your eyepads? Are they legal? Are they harmful?? Have a look at this image. Do you know what caused the redness in the under eye area?

Getting National Accreditation for the skills you already master

So you’ve been through lots of training and worked in the industry for years.  You know your stuff – and then you hear about national accreditation for your area of expertise.  What does it mean? Do you need it? Does it matter? The TLDR Version Getting national accreditation is great. It’s like a health check […]

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Research

participants in cyanoacrylate adhesive for eyelash extensions research study

Are eyelash extension artists at risk of high levels of cyanoacrylate exposure in their day to day work with adhesive? No one REALLY knew. So we did a study to find out!

Lash Inc Journal Australasia Edition is launched!

Louise Tierney, Founder of Lash Inc. and Kelly Storer, Director at Enchanted SPA officially launched Lash Inc Journal Australasia in May 2017. The venue was the amazing Super Yacht Conference in London and we are beyond excited! As Australasian Editor for Lash Inc Journal, Kelly Storer will continue her mission; to promote the amazing talent […]

Adhesives to Lash Stylists – is it me or is it you?

You see it all over the forums. Someone will post a beautiful set of eyelash extensions showing amazing ‘four week retention’. The first question everyone asks is “what eyelash extension adhesive are you using?” We think that if we just find the right adhesive, our bonding and retention will be perfect too. It’s a never […]

Lash Inc. Journal – Issue 13 becomes Enchanted Edition!

How to Succeed in Lash Competitions

We are so excited that Issue 13 of Lash Inc. Journal has been dedicated as the ‘Enchanted Edition’. It started as an offer to cover a photoshoot from our 2016 Enchanted Experience, a world first event combining Mega Volume training and Creative design with the awe-inspiring duo, Eva Zacharias and Hilaree Brand. The results from our […]

Gel Adhesive Removers containing Gamma Butyrolactone Banned in Australia

EDIT – UPDATE: Elleebana in Australia have since developed a GBL Free Gel Adhesive Remover that complies with Australian Government Regulations for professional use only.  Elleebana Adhesive Remover is gel based and effectively removes eyelash or eyebrow extensions without the use of harmful gamma-butyrolactone.  For those lash artists who prefer a gel based adhesive remover over a cream […]