Enchanted Beauty Collective

Loyalty Program

We love you as much as you love us…and we think the best way to show it is to thank you for your loyalty!

Buy with us and earn points you can spend towards anything you want in our shop when you want to – easy!

Enchanted Beauty Collective Loyalty Program is our way of saying thank you in a meaningful way

Spend, earn, save on whatever you want

At EBI we want to show we love you as much as you love us.  The best way to do that is to give you money back through loyalty points every time you make a purchase over $50 with us.

We just want to reward our customers, simple.  So like everything we do, our Loyalty Program is easy to understand and easy to use.

No tricks, no bull. Just love and our thanks.


How it works

Every dollar you spend = 1 loyalty point.  20 points = 1 dollar

For example:

  • spend $100 get 100 points = $5

You must be a registered customer and signed in when you place your orders to earn loyalty points.

  • Register as a customer with us = 20 loyalty points
  • Place first order = 10 loyalty points
Enchanted Beauty Collective Loyalty Program saves you money
how to see your loyalty points

How to see your points

Just make sure you are logged in and head to your ‘My Account’ menu.

my account menu in customer login area


In your customer dashboard (My Account menu) you have a My Loyalty Points Tab.  This is where you can see exactly how many points you have earned.

my loyalty points menu


How to use your points

Once you have earned a minimum of 100 loyalty points, you can use them whenever you want, on whatever you want to purchase on our website.

Unlike some sneaky reward programs that give you heaps of points from your purchases but then cost 3500 points just to get something worth 25 bucks, our system is simple.

If you have 100 points or more, you can redeem some or all of it for a coupon and give yourself a discount on your next purchase.

When you redeem points to pay all or part of your purchase you will not earn any further points for this transaction.  Don’t have enough points to cover your complete order? If you have a larger order split it into two orders. One with points and one to earn points…..SIMPLE !

Enchanted Beauty Collective Loyalty Program allows you to spend your points on whatever YOU want to
Enchanted Beauty Collective Loyalty Program shares the love, making everyone happy

What happens when I hit the ‘Apply’ button for my coupon!?

Lets say you’ve got your $10 coupon sitting there in your My Loyalty Points menu just waiting to spend and you want to purchase the Classic Eyelash Extensions Mastery Course online for $1100.

  1. Add the course to your cart
  2. Pop into your My Loyalty Points menu (from the My Account menu at Customer Login)
  3. Click the ‘Apply’ button next to the coupon you want to use
  4. You will be automatically sent back to your cart with your coupon giving you a discount applied to the course, ready for checkout

See example below:

loyalty points coupon applied to course order



Not a registered customer with us yet?

Sign up now and get 20 loyalty points.

Already a loyal customer and have a registered account with us? Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you! Just send our business page a message on Facebook or Instagram with your registered user name and we will credit your account with 30 points x

Enchanted Beauty Collective Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Price to loyalty points earned ratio is 1 for 1.  This means 1 loyalty point is earned for every $ spent.
  2. Loyalty points to dollar value redeemed ratio is 20 to 1.  This means 20 loyalty points are worth $1.00.
  3. Loyalty points are calculated on the price inclusive of any tax.  Shipping costs or other fees are excluded from points calculations and do not accumulate any loyalty points.
  4. You need to spend a minimum $50 in any transaction (order) to be eligible to earn loyalty points. Once an order is eligible, you will receive loyalty points for the entire subtotal.
  5. If you are redeeming points on a purchase the remaining invoice total will not earn loyalty points.
  6. New customers will receive 20 loyalty points on registration and 10 extra loyalty points on their first order.
  7. You must be a registered customer and signed in to the Enchanted Beauty Institute website at the time you place your order to earn loyalty points.
  8. Points are valid for 6 months.  Redeem or earn more points to extend validity.
  9. The minimum redemption is 100 loyalty points.
  10. Redeemed coupons are valid for use for 6 months from the date they are created.
  11. A redeemed coupon can only be used once and can only be used by the person who redeemed it.
  12. If you cancel the order BEFORE you checkout, your coupon will not be used and it will still be available for the next time you want to make a purchase.