EndureLash launches in Australia and New Zealand

Mar 10, 2018 | News

EndureLash is a natural line of reusable cleansing and drying cloths now available for lash lovers and beauty fanatics in Australia and New Zealand.

Enchanted SPA has proudly become a Brand Ambassador and Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for US based Endure Beauty. Endure Beauty created the first reusable cleansing and drying cloths which are safe on lash extensions; EndureLash.

About EndureLash

EndureLash offers organic cleansing and drying cloths safe for both eyelash extensions and natural lashes. EndureLash Organic Eye makeup removal cloths allow you to safely remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner without hesitation; wiping layers of makeup off instantly. EndureLash Organic Eyelash drying cloths give lash extension consumers a way to dry their eyes without shedding lashes.

These hypoallergenic cloths are gentle on sensitive skin around the eyes.  Being organic, eco-friendly skin care products, you can pop them in the mesh laundry bag provided and wash in your washing machine.  If cared for correctly, you can reuse EndureLash cloths for up to 9 months.

Nikki Heubner created and founded Endure Beauty in 2016. EndureLash is a registered brand of Endure Beauty.

Why Endure?

“Using the word endure is in honor of my late daughter, Chyler, who died in a tragic accident. Chyler was a girly girl who loved playing with Mommy’s makeup. Even the retail price points are detailed in the brand – Chyler’s Birthday is May 10th. The official Brand Launch was May 10th, and every product is launched on the 10th of the month!” Endure Beauty Founder, Nikki Heubner.

A portion of all Endure Beauty sales goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Room Project in honour of Chyler Nicole Huebner, keeping her memory alive.

Enchanted SPA fully believes in the purpose behind Endure Beauty and wants to inform others of the benefits of the product; while making a difference to the lives of children.

“I am extremely excited to bring the Endure Beauty line to Australia and New Zealand, great new products that are revolutionising the beauty industry as well as an amazing charity incentive!” Kelly Storer, Enchanted SPA Director.

Nikki Huebner is thrilled that her products are now available in the Australian/Oceania region, together with the existing distribution network in North America and Europe.

“Kelly is a talented leader and educator in the lash and makeup industry; she is a fun, energetic, and genuine soul! I feel especially blessed that she has joined Endure Beauty in the ultimate mission at hand, to give back through Chyler’s charities. It takes a special person like Kelly to fully understand our company’s mission.” Nikki Huebner, Founder of Endure Beauty.

How to use EndureLash cloths
  • Use EndureLash Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth to remove eye makeup easily with just warm water in most situations. However, you can use the cloth with any cleanser as well!
  • For EndureLash Organic Eyelash Drying Cloth, use the smooth side of the cloth and press gently upwards on the eyelash extensions for about 5-10 seconds. Then continue to feather and groom your eyelash extensions with a gentle upward motion until they are back into place.

Wash your cloths with your dark laundry every 2-3 days in the mesh bag and they will last up to 9 months.

Endure Beauty cloths will retail in Australia for $35.10 each or $65.10 for a twin pack, in recognition of Chyler’s birthday. You can also purchase the cloths wholesale. EndureLash provides a high-end makeup cleansing and lash drying option for lash lovers and beauty fanatics at an affordable price.

To purchase the cloths wholesale in Australia, please visit https://enchantedbeauty.institute/product-category/endure-beauty/

For more information on EndureLash or where it has been featured in the press, head to https://www.endurelash.com/press