Obligations & expectations for you and us

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Learn real skills, your way.

After your training

Student Information Handbook

Your Enchanted SPA Student Information Handbook is attached to your Course Order Confirmation.

This handbook is designed to provide you with information about how we train and sets out the obligations and expectations for you and us.

We ask you to please read it and if there is anything you don’t understand to let us know. By attending our training course, you are accepting the terms & conditions contained in the Enchanted SPA Student Information Handbook.

You will be expected to complete, sign and return the last page to us to confirm your understanding.

Issuing Certificates

Upon successful completion of your coursework and provided all fees are paid, a Certificate or Statement of Attainment will be issued to you within 30 calendar days of you being assessed as meeting all requirements for the course.

This meets the compliance requirements as set for Trainwest and other RTOs in the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Regarding accredited courses, if for some reason Trainwest ceases to operate whilst you are still enrolled, a Statement of Attainment will be issued to you for the units within the qualification for which you have successfully met requirements.

Thank  you

We want you to be happy and confident you have chosen the best trainer for your next
chapter. Remember, if you have any questions at any stage to get in touch.
Thank you for choosing Enchanted SPA. We hope you enjoy your training with us!