Learning Activity 15: Live Practice – Volume Set

Your very last learning activity, look at you go!!! You have achieved so much since we began this journey together. To say I’m proud is such an understatement?. Let’s finish on a high and smash out a beautiful set of volume lashes! You know by now how long these things take when we are first […]

Learning Activity 14: Live Model – Hybrid Set

Yay it’s time to grab a friend and introduce all your new volume skills to their pretty eyes! take pride in knowing how far you have come since starting this course. You have all the skills needed to perform this hybrid set, don’t stress about time. Concentrate on application the more clients you do, the […]

Learning Activity 13: Volume Removal

Ok I will start with an apology ? I honestly do know how much time and effort went into Activity 12 and you worked really hard to create the handmade volume set. BUT… now we need to practice volume removal. Just think…. its all working towards the bigger picture and this is a vital skill […]

Learning Activity 12: Handmade Volume Set Practice

Now it’s time to bring it all together and create your first handmade volume set! I will be honest, when I did my first volume set it took HOOOURRS! And yours will too so a little advice my friend… it’s a dummy head not a client. If you want a break, have a break. If […]

Learning Activity 11: Hybrid Set Practice

Lets just have a practice creating a hybrid set before you perform a set on a live model so you can check your spacing etc.I know you will love this activity,hhere is something soo satisfying about building your structure and then filling with pure fluffiness! P.S You can use your promades from Learning Activity 9

Learning Activity 10: Volume Placement & Attachment

To build your successful business, you want your clients to be happy. To have happy clients, they want their lashes to last. For the lashes to last, you need good retention… So this activity is extremely important to your business! Great attachment = great retention = happy clients = happy and successful you! I will […]

Learning Activity 9: Promade Volume Fans

Now lets make some fans ready for use later. I don’t know what you will enjoy more, creating the promades or enjoying the fact that at the end of it, you will have your promades ready for another activity! The adhesive will take time to dry before you can place the fan on the strip […]

Learning Activity 8: Volume Fan Challenge

Yay! If you are here, you have a technique you like congratulations! I know how you would love to be really good at this so I am giving you some tough love! I’ve designed this challenge to REALLY help you improve your precision and technical abilities for handmade volume fans. I’m sure you will do […]

Learning Activity 7: Handmade Volume

Let’s find out what works for you! I am a firm believer in giving options so you can see what is best for you. Have a play around, you might hate all techniques except for 1. When I started volume I actually hated it, I am so glad I kept persevering and really hope you […]

Learning Activity 6: Live Practice Model – Classic Set

Wow its time to put all your studying and practice into real live action for your first lash client! How exciting! Everybody learns differently and I love to keep a few options in my courses so you can decide what you want to do at certain points through the course. This is one of those […]

Learning Activity 5: Styling & Mapping

Lets get artistic! Now things start to get really fun! We are going to take it up a level and create your first lash style! The difference between a lash tech and a lash artist is .. a lash tech puts lashes on someones eyes, a lash artist creates beautiful bespoke lash sets to compliment […]

Learning Activity 4: Lash Layer Practice

I want you to be prepared for your first client, and know what to expect so you have the confidence to professionally isolate. Your #1 priority is the health and integrity of the natural lash.  How you isolate can be the difference between a comfortable set and a painful, harmful set for your client. In […]

Learning Activity 3/ Assessment 1: Classic Lash Infill & Removal

I have some fantastic news for you! For your statement of attainment, you are required to upload evidence of 2 infills and 2 removals. This activity can be uploaded for assessment as 1 of those case studies! Which means you have begun working towards the nationally accredited unit of competency SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions. Watch […]

Learning Activity 2: Classic Placement & Attachment

Oooohhh its what you signed up for… here it is…. its happening….its time to lash! ? Grab your mannequin, give her/him a name (they’re your new best friend!) and set them up along side me. If you are right handed, your tools will be on the right hand side and if you are left handed, […]

Learning Activity 1: Classic Adhesive Pickup

Ok this is it! This is the first step to you becoming a real lash artist. Adhesive control is the key to a lasting set of lash extensions and one of the elements of safe lashing. I really want to share with you each tiny step I take to building a long lasting beautiful lash […]