Taking Before and After Photos

About this lesson

Taking before and after photos is not just about getting great transformation pics for your social media, it is a critical step in your client management.  Making sure there is a clear record of what the client’s lashes look like before a treatment, as well as after can avoid misunderstandings and help you demonstrate just how amazing they look with your professional styling choices and application.

Before and after photos also help us help you with feedback on your assessments so you can continue to improve as you lash.

Before and after treatment

Taking clear photos from the following angles will ensure you get the best possible feedback to help you improve. Each of these are required when submitting evidence for case studies towards your nationally accredited unit of competency SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions.

image showing different angles to take before and after photos for lash and brow treatments


When submitting a removal case study, you also need to take a picture with the remover on the lashes and submit as evidence.

When first learning, have your manual by your side so you can read through the step by step procedures.