Technique 1 The Bounce

About this lesson

There are many techniques to creating Volume Fans and there is no right or wrong one to choose.  Most lash artists will try a few different techniques and then settle on the one that suits them best.

Here we teach you Kelly’s favourite fundamental techniques and you can tweak them if you need to.  When choosing a technique you want to think about which is going to be quickest in the salon for you.  That is the one that will be the most commercially viable.

Here we go. Let’s demonstrate technique 1, the bounce!  Pick up the amount of lashes we want, clamping at the base.  Bounce on the pad, push back and flick it at the same time.  Give it a little tweak to open it up a bit more.

Watch the Video

  • Pro base strip
  • lash extension strip
  • tweezers
  • adhesive
  • adhesive cup
  • Scotch restickable mounting squares
  • Mascara brush