Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

Take the next step in lashing. Volume eyelash extensions is a style of techniques used to create soft fans with multiple lash extensions applied to each natural lash. This achieves a fuller, fluffier set of lashes than Classic.

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course teaches you how to make and use handmade fans for volume eyelash extension application. Learn different fanning methods and how to calculate how many extensions you can safely apply.

Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course available at our academy in Joondalup, Perth Western Australia Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course available online book now
Academy or Online

Classic to Volume Lash extensions course duration
2 Days in Academy 9am to 4pm or Online at your own pace




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10 x fortnights Academy $99.50/Online $75.00

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Academy $995.00/Online $750.00

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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course perth

Course Overview

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course teaches you the skills and techniques for handmade volume eyelash extensions.  You can choose to study 2 days face to face training in our Academy or online at your own pace.

Our Online and in Academy training is delivered with exactly the same course content, post course assessment program and support. So feel free to choose the training delivery option that suits you!

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions is an amazing treatment for clients who want more drama in their lashes. Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions training course has been designed to teach the fundamentals of Volume Eyelash Extensions using different fanning methods and how to provide clients with lovely fluffy lashes while ensuring their natural lash health isn’t compromised.

Multiple eyelash extensions are placed on each natural lash in a fanned shape. 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D/7D/8D – the number relates to how many eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural lash. Very fine, soft and light eyelash extensions are required for volume work, ensuring they aren’t too heavy or unnatural and do not damage the natural lash.

We work through everything step by step so you never feel overwhelmed. First we take you through theory, then our trainer demonstration is next, followed by student practice and models, guiding you through a natural learning curve.

By the end of this course you will have:
  • all fundamental techniques and knowledge to design and calculate volume eyelash extension sets that are safe for the natural lash health.
  • practical skills to make and apply handmade fans to provide Russian Volume eyelash extensions services to your clients, providing you with superb income opportunities and ensuring they leave satisfied each time.

This Russian Volume eyelash extensions course includes flexible post course case studies and assessment activities.  You start after your coursework is finished and study at your own pace in your salon environment.

Our trainers give you support, assessment and feedback as you work through your post course study to help you achieve certification.

You can also combine your lash extensions course with our Maintain a Professional Beauty Workplace course. This means you can complete your case studies in our Student Clinic at the Academy, using our tools, products and equipment. This can be a good option, especially if you are just starting out. We bring you the clients and you get through your assessments a lot faster!


Suitable for:
  • Beginners when starting as part of a Classic to Volume program
  • People with previous classic eyelash extensions training or experience looking to upskill to volume
  • Creative types with patience and good hand/eye coordination
  • Self employment or salon work
What you will learn

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course is delivered by Certified Trainers & Assessors. It includes:

  1. Theory
  2. Trainer demonstration
  3. Student manual practice on mannequin head
  4. Student application of practical skills on live models
  5. Case studies and assessment activities to achieve certification after coursework has been completed
Your course covers:

Beauty Business Foundations

  • Insurance & Legal
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Health & Hygiene Regulations & Requirements
  • Personal Hygiene & Presentation

Anatomy, Physiology & Consultation

  • Skin, Hair and Eye Anatomy Theory
  • Contraindications and contra actions – when you should and shouldn’t lash and what can happen
  • Consultation and Patch Testing – why you should do it even if you don’t HAVE to

Volume Lash Fundamentals and Healthy lashing

  • Soft, Volume, Mega Volume (from 2D all the way through to 8D)
  • Wide and Narrow Fans
  • How to choose the right thickness for the client’s natural lash and the fan type you want to apply
  • Healthy Lashing keeping to safe extension weights for the natural lash and how to calculate them.

Volume Lash Techniques

  • Fan structure and theory
  • Creating Fans using different methods
  • Fanning Distances and Placement
  • Fanning techniques
    • Bounce technique
    • Pull to the side technique
    • Roll technique
    • Fan pickup
    • Insight to mega volume techniques
  • Volume adhesive pickup
  • Volume attachment, wrapping and threading

Advanced techniques for Correction, Density, Texture & Variation

    • Mixing Curls
    • Correction techniques
    • Adding texture and density
Rounding out your Skill set
  • Premade eyelash extensions how and when to use them for time saving and convenience
  • Promade eyelash extensions
    • how to use the fans you make yourself while you’re practicing to build up speed
    • how to store them hygienically
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions – mixing classic eyelash extensions with handmade volume, premades and promades

Aftercare and product upsells

Tips & Tricks


What's included

12 month access to online courses:

    • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course bundle

This bundle contains the following course modules to refresh your skills and knowledge anytime:

    • Welcome – Start Strong
    • Beauty Business Foundations
    • Anatomy, Physiology & Consultation
    • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals

Student Information Handbook, Study Guide and Workbook

Comprehensive Training Manual

Ongoing support

  • Check in and follow up with our Student Liaison to help guide your student journey
  • Membership of ‘The Enchanted World’, our private online support group exclusively for Enchanted students with access to Trainers and Industry experts

Assessment & Certification

  • Post course Assessment program including Case Study review, feedback and support and Knowledge Assessment
  • Certificate of Attendance & Competency for Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions from Enchanted Beauty Institute at the end of training days and/or coursework.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

  • TWO Full days face to face training 9.00am to 4.00pm
  • All products, consumables, tools & equipment required for use during face to face training is supplied
Qualifications and Certification

You can earn a Certificate from Enchanted Beauty Institute for this Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course.

You are eligible when you successfully complete the required case studies and assessments, as long as all course fees have been paid.

Case Study Load/ Assessment Requirements

Practical Skills Activities = 1

Case Studies = 4

Assessment Activities = 1

Recommended Duration = 4 weeks

Recommended Time = 4-5 hours per week

Time limit to complete all case studies and assessment requirements: up to 12 months

Note: additional fees may apply for case studies submitted after 12 months. See Student Information Handbook for more information.

Case Study & Assessment Details – Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

Apply Four full sets of light Volume lash extension applications creating at least forty fans with a minimum of two eyelash extensions per natural lash, attached 0.2mm to 0.5mm from the natural lash follicle and ensuring fan weight is not too heavy and maintains natural lash health.

Design and provide treatment routines that demonstrate correct:

  • consultation
  • patch testing
  • selection and application of eyelash extensions type:
    • adhesive
    • curl
    • length
    • diameter
    • natural lash health maintenance
  • eyelash extension application to suit client eye shape and facial features

Develop and update treatment plans and records for each eyelash extension treatment specifying for each client:

  • aftercare
  • contraindications
  • outcomes
  • patch test reactions
  • previous treatments
  • products
  • techniques.

Demonstrate knowledge required to perform Russian Volume Eyelash Extension treatments that are safe, competent and comply with legal, health and hygiene regulations and requirements.


PRICE:  $950 in Academy or $750 Online or 10 x fortnightly payments via payment plan

Receive in full, instant loyalty points to redeem for a $95 or $75 (academy or online training) saving off product, kits or training of your choice.

Pay the full course cost via EFT, Credit Card, Afterpay, Payright, Zip, Cash or Bank Transfer to be eligible.


  • 2 days training in Academy
  • TWO models in class
  • Learn how to make and use handmade fans and different fanning methods for volume eyelash extensions
  • Tools & equipment supplied in class
  • Certificate of Attendance & Competency issued on last day of training
  • Buy Academy training, get the online course free – perfect for ongoing study reference with demonstration videos to refresh your memory of key procedures.


  • Coursework and practical activities completed at your own pace
  • Learn how to make and use handmade fans and different fanning methods for volume eyelash extensions
  • Certificate of Competency issued at the end of your coursework and practical activities.
Entry requirements:  Designed for beginners when part of Classic to Volume program. Otherwise, Classic experience is required.  Also suitable for re-training and upskilling. Minimum age 15 years (no maximum!).

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course or the enrolment process, give us a call on 1300 113 996 during business hours (AWST) or send us a message online anytime!

You can also check us out on Facebook or Instagram  or look us up @enchantedbeautyinstitute

Did you know?

We used to be called Enchanted SPA and have been proudly providing lash and brow training courses in Perth and across Australia since 2015.

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