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Style to Succeed
for Lash Artists

Combine & Save!

Our Advanced Lash Artistry & How to Succeed in Lash Competitions Course bundle will truly accelerate your lash game! Become an expert at styling eyelash extensions, find out what Judges really look for and enter comps with the confidence to win!

Oh, and save a MASSIVE $247!


Bundle includes

Style Master- Advanced Lash Artistry


Do you wish you knew when, where and how to use Advanced Styling for Eyelash Extensions? Knowing the Pro tips and tricks can make the difference between your lash sets being standard or amazing.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and master lash styling with advanced skills. Challenge your thinking, become an expert at bespoke eyelash extensions sets and keep up with lash trends. Create your own lane, grow your artistry and your profit!

This short course is suitable for Classic Eyelash Extensions artists as well as Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions artists.

How to succeed in Lash Competitions


If only you could find out exactly HOW to correctly interpret lash competition rules and how to impress the judges, or even how to BE a judge….WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Find out what Judges really look for in Lash Competitions. Discover how to correctly interpret competition criteria and plan your entry to maximise your score points – before you even enter! Enter our Eyelash Extensions Mock Competition and apply what you have learned in Classic, Volume or Fantasy – your choice!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some competition experience, this short course is suitable for you.