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It can be hard knowing where to start and sometimes you can get stuck not knowing what to do next to grow your business. In this Business Strategy Session with Kelly Harris, discuss your hopes, your plans and your challenges. 

leave feeling ready to take it all on and SMASH IT !!



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Salon Coaching Visit 1 Day

Kelly Harris will come to you and turn your beauty business around!

Original price was: $4,000.00.Current price is: $3,500.00.

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Kelly Harris will come to you and turn your beauty business around!

Hi My Name Is Kelly Harris…

My passion and life purpose is to help people just like you to have confidence, financial independence and the freedom to build your own business around your happy, balanced lifestyle. The way I do this is by helping you start your own lash and brow business.

Heres me in a nutshell –

  • I have been in the industry since 1994 I was just 13 years old
  • A fully qualified hairdresser at 15
  • Fully Qualified Beautician at 17
  • Qualified trainer and assessor at 17 teaching in college
  • Owned a mobile hair and beauty business
  • Brought my 1st  commercial salon at 18
  • Brought my 2nd at 24
  • Met my husband had 3 kids moved from UK to Australia
  • Owned a home salon while my kids were babies
  • Founded EBI in 2015 with World renowned extensive curriculum
  • Multi award winning artist
  • Been featured in multiple magazines and books
  • Travel the World speaking at conferences, judging comps and delivering training

That list isn’t there to show off or say “ohh look at me” its there to show you that whatever your goals are for the skills you learn in this course, I have been there, done it and we can help you achieve it too. You can work from home, rent a space in a salon, or open your own commercial salon! Be your own boss, have the flexibility and freedom  to make your own decisions and choices.

What happened

I didn’t like school, I always felt school was for academic people, not creative ones. I found school incredibly boring, always feeling as though I just didn’t fit in. I was told by the principal that I would never amount to anything  but I felt my mind was mature and ready to live in the World not just be told about it … In fact I hated school so much that I kept getting expelled from school. I got a Saturday job in a salon and I instantly knew where I was supposed to be. I  absolutely loved it. The problem was that I was about to get expelled from another school and my mum said I’d have to give my job up as a punishment. 

My boss did the best thing that anyone had ever done for me and convinced the school to let me go to work instead of school. He put me on as an old fashioned, in-house apprentice. Teaching me everything he knew. And I have craved more and more knowledge of the industry ever since.

What I did

I became formally qualified as a hairdresser at 15! I had such a passion for hair and beauty that I wanted to share this with other people. I studied  for multiple qualifications as I worked on the floor at the salon and taught nationally accredited courses at the college.  By the time I was 17 I was a fully qualified trainer and assessor, beauty therapist, nail artist, and won my first award for apprentice of the year. 

Where I am now

Now I spend my time passing on all my skills and knowledge to YOU! Whatever your goal is, I have been there and done it. Everyone has struggles, everyone has something in their life they want to change. Let me help you do it XX


Lets chat. Book a time convenient to you above. we can chat on the phone, video call or come into the academy. Tell me all your goals and dreams and i will find a way to help you achieve it all!!

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