Crystal Clear Adhesive 5ml



Quick bonding for Eyelash Extension application.

  • Clear adhesive
  • Latex free
  • Ideal for Classic & Volume application
  • Bonds for 5-6 weeks
  • Shelf life unopened 6-12 months – keep in fridge or freezer for longest life
  • Shelf life opened 6-8 weeks – do not store in the fridge once opened
  • Change adhesive 4 weeks after opening for best retention
  • Not to be used on skin
  • Safety Data Sheet provided with purchase

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Want to use just 1 adhesive? You can use just one adhesive type and control and adapt your environment to suit any adhesive. Not sure how? Check out our blog here for in-depth advice

Is that too much effort and you would rather stock a few different adhesives to cover all environment factors? Sure thing, here are two tables for guidance.

Temperature, Humidity & Dry Time
Adhesive Ideal Temp Ideal Humidity Dry Time
Savage 18-22° 50-60% 1-2 sec
Lower than 50% 2-4 sec
Higher than 60% .5 sec
Crystal Clear 18-22° 50-60% 2-4 sec
Lower than 50% 4-6 sec
Higher than 60% 1-2 sec
Legit 18-22° 50-60% 4-6 sec
Lower than 50% 5-7 sec
Higher than 60% 2-4 sec
Viscosity – All Adhesives
Humidity Viscosity
50-60% Thin
Lower than 50% Thin
Higher than 60% Medium


  • A temperature higher than 22 degrees Celsius will make the adhesive dry quicker
  • Making fans with multiple extensions will also add time to the complete dry timing.

Write the date of opening on each bottle and discard after 4 weeks. Always ensure you have back up adhesives ready to go from the fridge. When using backups from the fridge, remember your adhesive needs time to come to room temperature before you use it.

All Enchanted Beauty Institute brand adhesives work at their optimum level in a temperature range of 18-22 degrees Celsius and a humidity range of 50-60%. The drying times indicated are based on those ranges. Our adhesives will of course work well outside of these ranges, but the drying time will vary.

Always register the temperature and humidity in your room with a hygrometer to help you understand the drying time and if you need to adjust your environment or switch adhesives.