Lash Styling Consultation Forms – Pink

Lash Styling Consultation Forms – Pink

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  • FREE Instant Download
  • Available in 3 colours to match YOUR branding
  • Provide a thorough consultation
  • Impress your clients with an unprecedented in depth consultation to really show your level of client care
  • Increase client satisfaction

Our Advanced Lash Styling Consultation Forms will help you assess and prescribe customised styling that your clients deserve. Grab yours now for FREE!!

Available in Grey, Pink or Neutral to match YOUR branding.


No one wants to see a hair stylist who gives everyone a short black bob……… same with eye stylists. Our 4 page Advanced Lash Styling Consultation forms will rock your world and give your clients the styling experience they deserve.  And we are giving the pack to you for FREE!

Did you know that most of the time when you style your client properly with corrective styling, you will use different curls on each eye and across both eyes? Mixing curls, thicknesses, lengths and dimensions are the exciting creative side of our work.

If you don’t understand advanced styling or feel you are knocking out identical lash sets like a conveyor belt or have 4 standard sets you offer your clients…… YOU NEED to know more to become a next level artist. Contact us to see how we can help you..


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