Ultimate Guide and Checklist to Find The Right Trainer for you

Ultimate Guide and Checklist to Find The Right Trainer for you

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So you are looking for training

…And its daunting. You have no idea how to tell who is going to be the best person or school to train with. I get it. We have so many students come to train with us after studying elsewhere who feel let down and craving more knowledge. The training has left them feeling very disappointed and questioning why they didn’t notice the red flags before they booked.

The stories we hear are heartbreaking. Old or inadequate training delivered by an inexperienced or uncaring trainer very quickly turns your dream into a nightmare. Not to mention the wasted investment of your time and money. So make sure you do your homework!

I am fed up with people wanting to join our wonderful industry and being let down by bad trainers and I do not want it to happen to you. Because if you’re ready to take the next step to change your life, you should invest in someone who is going to invest in you too!

Of course, we would be honored and love for you to join our program. But it might not be for you, and that’s OK! As an advocate for quality training, I want you to get the best training for you and your goals, whoever that may be with. That’s why I’ve developed my Ultimate Guide & Checklist to choose the right trainer for you.

You now have a great tool to help you sort through and assess the hundreds of trainers out there. If you use my Ultimate Checklist correctly, you have every chance of finding the trainer of your dreams.

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