Welcome to our Student Spotlight.

We have another inspiring past student that we are excited to bring to you.  Another incredible journey that has changed more than one life.

Ush owner of The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room

Ush Joban is owner, lash and brow tech extraordinaire of The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room.  She offers a variety of services including lash extensions, lash lift and tint, brow wax and tint, henna brows, brow lamination and feather touch brow tattooing.

We asked Ush to share a bit of her journey with you.  A journey that is different again to past student spotlights. Your journey will be as unique as you are too but as you will see the building blocks of determination, practice and hard work are always the same in success.  Read on and if you have a journey that you need help with………..let us help you too!

Q1. What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? 

I believe when you look good you feel good. The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room has a target market of the 30-60 age bracket with a lot of my clients being mums of school age children.  I work school hours plus a couple of evenings a week to provide more flexibility for my clients and my family.

The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room by Ush Joban

classic lash lift model by ush

Q2. Tell us about your life, before you started this journey, why you chose this pathway, how it’s changed you and your relationships?

I had a pretty boring life previously where  I worked as an office manager for a small debt collection business dealing with house and car repossessions.  Lots of paperwork and service of court documentation.  I decided that it was time for a change and I wanted to do something for me that I wanted to do and that I enjoyed doing.  The idea of being self employed meant there was more flexibility with hours and I could focus on work while the kids were at school and more family time when they were home.  The flexibility has been a massive turn around for me with 3 young kids.  Money is a definite bonus and not everyone can say they enjoy what they do for work.  I can!

I am not the same person as I was before. I use to be a lot quieter!  Dealing with clients on a daily basis has opened me up.  Seeing myself grow and my art flourish over time has definitely given me a confidence boost.  I am so much more outgoing and willing to give things a go and take a chance.

Q3. How long have you been in beauty? 

It’s been 3 years now since I started The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room.

Q4. What made you choose lashes or brows? 

I was always interested in beauty when I was younger but my parents wanted me to pursue a career in accounting/finance.  It’s actually funny because I can’t stand numbers!

Once my husband and I decided our family was complete I thought it was time to do something for myself that wasn’t boring and I enjoyed.  So I started off with brow tattooing which was a really hard place to start for someone new to the industry and it did mess with my confidence.

Q5. Tell us about your journey? 

My husband suggested lashes as one of his business clients, Kayleigh from Kays Lashes recommended it.  So I got in contact with her and we had a bit of a chat and she sent me off on my lash journey with a recommendation to train at Enchanted.  From here The B.E.A.U.T.Y Room grew and keeps on growing.

Q6. Tell me about your working week, do you have a life balance? 

I have a great work life balance but I’ve had to work at it and learn to keep it that way as it can be easy to just say yes and become overwhelmed with appointments.  You need to make a schedule of when you want to work and keep to it.  It people want your services they will work around your times.

I currently work 3 days a week 9am-2.30pm plus a couple of evenings.

Q7. What inspires you when lashing? 

Just seeing that smile on the clients face when they see their lashes and it’s a very artistic job so I love it.  I take pride in offering natural looking lashes always taking the clients lash health into consideration and my clients are very grateful for that.  Most of the time they are so trusting in my work they leave it up to me to decide on what will be suitable for them.

Q8. Who inspires you? 

For brows, Kylie Murray from KM Brow and Lash Artistry and lashes Kwan from Extension Lounge.  Both trained with Enchanted Beauty Institute and it’s great to see how everyone grows and supports each other.

Q9. Have you had to overcome anything with your business? 

There will always be ups and downs. A lack of confidence was a big thing for me to overcome. It takes time to build a good reliable client base.  Also practice is the key to perfect your skills and be able to provide an outstanding service and trust with your clients.

Also understand your worth!  I’ve learnt to stick to my prices and my time and service is valued.  A lot of lash techs out there charge much lower than their worth.  It makes for a short lived business.

Q10. Are your family supportive of the work that you do? Did anyone tell you that you can’t do this or shouldn’t do this? 

My husband has been my number 1 supporter.  In fact he was the one to push me to follow my dreams.  A couple of my family members still think my job is a hobby though as I work from home!

Q11. What advice can you give people thinking of starting a career in eye design? 

Invest in a good training course…Patience and practice…Give it time.

Q12. Anything funny, embarrassing or interesting ever happen to you while working on a client? 

I have had clients burst out crying telling me their life story.  Sometime I feel like a therapist………….But this job is all about people and interaction.

Q14. Did you ever think you could achieve what you have? What achievement are you most proud of? 

No never.  I am so proud that I am able to run a successful small business from home.

Q15. Do you believe in yourself that you can achieve more? What would those goals be? 

Yes.  But there is always more to do!  I have a long way to go, I believe you can always better yourself.  I want to try lash competitions and expand my business to include powder brows machine tattooing and facials.

Q16. When you hear the words Enchanted Beauty Institute, what do you think of? Would you recommend other women to train here? 

I think professional,  and it is.  From my experiences they are also reputable and I would definitely recommend others to train here.  I have done many courses with them.

From Kelly Harris, CEO Enchanted Beauty Institute:

Ush, I remember our video call so clearly.  I knew straight away that you would be able to fulfil all your dreams.  With determination and perseverance. Your happy and infectious smile is your second best asset only to your amazing skillset.  Your husband, children, family, friends and Enchanted World are so much richer with you in their lives – Kelly xx

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