EDIT – UPDATE: Elleebana in Australia have since developed a GBL Free Gel Adhesive Remover that complies with Australian Government Regulations for professional use only.  Elleebana Adhesive Remover is gel based and effectively removes eyelash or eyebrow extensions without the use of harmful gamma-butyrolactone.  For those lash artists who prefer a gel based adhesive remover over a cream remover, you can purchase Elleebana Adhesive Remover with confidence here.

Original post below:

Ladies based in Australia, if you currently have Gel Adhesive Removers (from any supplier), you should IMMEDIATELY cease use and source a cream or liquid Adhesive Remover as a replacement – reasons below.

We have been in contact with the Australian Therapeutic Drugs Administration (TGA) regarding Gel Adhesive Removers. The TGA added a chemical called Gamma Butyrolactone to Schedule 10 of its medicines and poisons standard (SUSMP). Schedule 10 is for substances of such danger to health as to warrant prohibition of sale, supply and use. The reason for the addition is concern about the potential use of Gamma Butyrolactone for illicit drug manufacture.

We have clarified with the TGA that the ban includes ALL variants and synonyms for this chemical and ALL ingredient compositions. After conversations with a number of manufacturers we have become aware that every Gel based Adhesive Remover generally contains Gamma Butyrolactone, although it is often listed by another name. The CAS No. (which is the internationally recognised Chemical Registry number) for Gamma Butyrolactone and its synonyms is 96-48-0 on the manufacturer’s MSDS/SDS. It appears that some manufacturers may attempt to disguise the ingredient by changing the name of the synonym slightly, adding a zero to the CAS No. or not providing a CAS No. at all.

We are aware there are one or two international manufacturers claiming to have developed  ‘Gamma Butyrolactone free’ Gel Adhesive Removers, but have been unable to verify these as they have not responded to requests for chemical composition information.

What does this mean? Based on the information currently available, we are not aware of any Gel Adhesive Remover on the market that is guaranteed to not contain Gamma Butyrolactone. As it is illegal in Australia to sell, supply or use any product that contains this ingredient, we recommend you do not use a Gel based Adhesive Remover.

Enchanted SPA will NOT stock Gel Adhesive Removers until or unless it can be guaranteed it is legal to use in Australia. We are currently looking at options for a Cream Adhesive Remover as an alternative.

If we become aware of any compliant gel based products in the future we will keep you informed.

This advice applies to Australian sales, supply and use only.

Taken from our Notice to Enchanted SPA Students 13/12/2016

Link to a joint media release by Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force on 22 December 2016

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