Louise Tierney, Founder of Lash Inc. and Kelly Storer, Director at Enchanted SPA officially launched Lash Inc Journal Australasia in May 2017. The venue was the amazing Super Yacht Conference in London and we are beyond excited! As Australasian Editor for Lash Inc Journal, Kelly Storer will continue her mission; to promote the amazing talent and efforts of the Australian and New Zealand Lash Industry.

Lash Inc. is an international lashes, beauty and business journal at the forefront of our industry. Ultimately it gives Lash Artists across the globe a way to keep up to date with industry standards, events, research and so much more! Now the magazine you love will come with an insert dedicated to news, events, suppliers and artists in Australia and New Zealand.

With the amazing growth in contributions and readership, the time has come for our very own Lash Inc Journal Australasia edition from August 2017!!

We welcome any suggestions for YOUR magazine. To be involved, send your ideas to Subject: Lash Inc.

To pre-order a print copy of the very First edition of Lash Inc Journal Australasia, buy here: Lash Inc. Magazine Pre-Order

Are Eyepads bad for you? If you're allergic to shellfish, if they contain MI, if you don't prepare the eye area properly first, yeah they can be. But they can also be you know what is in your eyepads? Are they legal? Are they harmful?? Have a look at this image. Do you know what caused the redness in the under eye area?
Are eyelash extension artists at risk of high levels of cyanoacrylate exposure in their day to day work with adhesive? No one REALLY knew. So we did a study to find out!