small dental mirror reflection of volume eyelash extensions application in a closed eye demonstrating techniques from our classic to volume lash extension training courses

The Complete Lash Artist Course


5 training days, 5 models, 5 lashing techniques

We’ve helped 1000’s people start their home-based business and commercial salons, work their own hours,

and earn more money than they ever thought possible. Now it’s your turn 

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No experience necessary

money back guarentee

What you will learn

Learn All Of The Most Lucrative Techniques That Are In High Demand In This 1 Course - So You Can Start Earning And Building Your Business Instantly

Classic Lash Extensions

You’ll have an understanding of ALL the fundamentals of lashing safely and hygienically and you’ll be able to skillfully create natural looking sets

Hybrid Lash Extensions

So you can create texture, density, fullness and softness in your bespoke sets designed specifically for your clients needs, safely and creatively

Volume Lash Extensions

You’ll be able to create true Russian Volume sets with your own handmade volume fans and charge for your expertise, safely and creatively

ProMade Lash Extensions

Master your craft, hygienically save your handmade fans to use on your client, decrease the appointment time whilst charging the same treatment fees!

Beauty Business Foundations

You will know the “need to know” aspects like legal responsibilities. So you will be confident in what you are doing to get your business started professionally

PreMade Lash Extensions

So you will have the option to use ready made fans for an express volume service, with all the underpinning knowledge to not cause damage to the natural lashes

money back guarentee

Extensive curriculum


Make Educated Decisions On Everything You Choose To Do Or Not To Do

You won’t just learn how to do something, you will learn why and get all the facts and science to back your knowledge up so you can make educated decisions on everything you choose to do or not to do. 

Years of industry experience are shared with you in a fun, nurturing environment, we share everything we know, no holding back.

Our curriculum is so extensive, it is recognised globally and we are regularly invited to speak at conferences to share our knowledge and help lash artists around the world.

Check out our FAQS to see a full breakdown

Work On 5 Live Models With Us


Work On 5 Live Models With Us

So You Qualify with The Confidence to Start Working On Paying Clients Straight Away


We understand you might feel a little anxious to be “let loose” on “real people”.

That’s normal – and that’s why we guide you through working on live models.

Your’ll learn your new skills in multiple ways. Activities, presentations, and live demonstrations on clients to show you real life actions, in real time, real close! 

You can ask your questions as they pop into your head and get involved with the task at hand. 

You will get up close and personal demonstrations and then we support you as you perform the treatments on real life models and build your confidence with instant feedback.




Get The One-On-One Attention, Guidance, and Support You Deserve

Most beauty schools cram their classes with 20-30 people. That means you don’t get the attention you deserve, or the skills you need.

But we know you want to be the very best lash artist and to give your clients the most incredible results, and we love hanging out with you and getting to know you on a personal level.

That’s why we cap our classes at just 6 students and often 2 trainers per class. That means you get all the one-on-one attention, guidance and support you deserve to build your skills and become the best lash artist from the get-go.

PLUS you make friends who are on the same journey at the same time.

we don’t leave you to do it all alone

After your course, we are still here for you through our post course assessment program

You can complete case studies for feedback, guidance and personalised advice on your first clients when you leave us so we can help you remain on the right track and achieve your nationally accredited certificate. DOUBLE WIN!


As a continuation from this course, you have the option to enrol into the nationally accredited unit of competency

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions

You will have 12 whole months to successfully complete assessments comprising of knowledge assessments and

  • 2 full sets
  • 2 infills
  • 2 removals

We assess accredited units on behalf of our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807).

money back guarentee

exclusive free bonuses

When You Enrol, You Get ALL This For No Extra Cost At All!!


Instant Access to Our Complete Lash Artist Online Course - $1,795

That’s years of industry experience, and “do’s” and “don’ts”, shared with you in a fun, easy-to-understand way. And we don’t hold anything back at all. Our curriculum is so extensive, it is recognised globally and we’re regularly invited to conferences around the world to share this knowledge…. and you will have it right there at your fingertips to revisit on demand.




Instant Access To Our Advanced Styling Online Course - $495

Make your business stand out and launch with a niche skillset by specialising in bespoke, personally designed lash sets for all of your clients. to revisit on demand.



Private 1-1 Business Coaching Session With Kelly Harris - $245

Start your lash business with the help from someone who’s been in the industry for over 2 decades and grown a wildly successful business. (video call or in person)



Comprehensive Manual (hardcopy) - $150

Your manual is packed with important and useful information that you can refer to whenever you feel stuck or unsure. For reference, our manuals are over 100 pages each. That means whatever problem you may face, you’ll find the answer for it in this manual that is yours forever!



Comprehensive Workbook (hardcopy) - $95

All the paperwork and client forms you need to complete your post course assessments, a detailed guide and step by step activities to improve your skills.



PLUS - money back!

Cash Credits added instantly to your EBI account

Architect program upgrade

$1000 Credit

Architect program upgrade

$1000 Credit

Lash Artist Professional Kit

$100 Credit

Any Enchanted Course

$100 Credit

Anything From EBI Website

$50 Credit


PLUS - Unlimited and Unparalleled support!

For help during and after your training

Unlimited use of products and equipment

During your training at the Academy to uncover what works best for you

Dedicated Support

For the duration of your course

Ongoing Support

Even years after you train with us


To all enchanted events and free training sessions

Access To Our Exclusive Student Support Group

Chat with other students, post questions and look for help

Unlimited use of all products and equipment

During your training at the Academy to uncover what works best for you

Dedicated Support

Throughout the duration of your course

Ongoing Support

Even years after you train with us


To all enchanted events and free training sessions

Access To Our Exclusive Student Support Group

Chat with other students, post questions and look for help

money back guarentee

How Much is running Your Own Successful Business, worth To You?

For most of our clients, the answer to that is priceless. And even though you can get a fully accredited lash qualification with the skills and confidence to start earning in just 5 days with this course… Plus, all the above included bonuses, you won’t pay that when you join today.

The total cost for everything you receive in this course including all the above bonuses without even including the all the valuable support you will get is

well over $7,000!!!

BUT you won’t pay that when you join today. In fact, you won’t even pay half.

You’ll pay just $2,795

Thats only 10 x $279.50 per fortnight

Even better, you will


Save $200

Instantly when you choose the pay in full option using Credit/Debit card/Afterpay/Zip pay

Thats only $2,595

That’s a small investment for a successful business and life you love. Start Today with ZERO risk and a whole new life to gain.


Money Back Guarantee

Remember, your investment with us is 100% protected by our money back guarantee. – We guarantee to deliver everything that we promise or you won’t pay a cent.  So back yourself now and take your first step to turning your dreams into reality.

money back guarentee

This course is life changing for EVERYONE who wants to be a Lash artist….


  • You can work from home, be there to enjoy the kids and never miss an assembly or important date on their schedule. 
  • You can Earn x 3-4 more an hour than a job whilst choosing your own hours and not having to leave the house!
  • You can Manage your clients around managing your household
  • You are more than just a mum and wife – find yourself again
  • Schoolies/ students

  • You can earn x5 + more than working in a fast food place
  • Pay your own way through further education or fund yourself while you figure out what you want the rest of your life to look like.
  • Build an amazing career, own your own business and even open your own commercial salon one day
  • Be proud of yourself while you take responsibility for creating your own happiness and success
  • Career changers

  • You won’t have to miss any more family events
  • You can earn good money with no commute
  • Have healthy routines and relationships stop living 2 half lives
  • Start making a life not just a living
  • Salon teams

  • You can be a valued member of the salon team, performing professional commercial viable treatments 
  • You can start building your own clientele list at the salon
  • Have trust from your managers with the full curriculum and maybe even teach them some new tricks
  • Be confident to work on clients from start to finish and charge them salon prices
  • what our students say


    FAQS - In Person lash course

    Quick answer – Your World changes 

    Here it is in a nutshell

    • You enrol and secure your dates
    • We contact you to welcome you to the family and answer any questions you may have
    • You get access to the online course
    • You come in for your 5 days dedicated course dates and learn all the theory and practical 
    • You work on a mannequin head and 5 live models getting instant guidance and feedback
    • You have a great week and leave with new friends and your EBI certificate
    • You complete your case studies at home and upload the before and after photo evidence and paperwork .We assess each one and give you guidance and feedback
    • If you successfully submit all required evidence and are deemed competent, you will get your nationally recognised certificate
    • We congratulate you
    • You are extremely happy
    • Your life begins to change
    • The world is a better place

    Quick answer – Yes you can actually get 2!


    You will be presented with an EBI certificate on your last day in class with us at the Academy. You will also be enrolled to earn a Statement of Attainment for unit of competency SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions with Trainwest. You can receive your nationally recognised certificate when you successfully complete the required case studies and assessments, as long as all course fees have been paid and your course time hasn’t expired.

    We deliver accredited courses on behalf of our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO provider code 51807)

    Quick answer – No, you deserve a choice.

    When you get given a free kit in a training course, it is usually to add value as the course itself isn’t substantial enough to warrant the course fees and it’s never truly free as it’s still priced into those course fees. It is usually very basic, and you will ALWAYS need to purchase more stock and equipment.

    We used to include kits with our training, and it was so hard to give everything people needed without increasing the course fees, so we took them out, lowered the course fees and now give you credits towards which kit you would like to purchase after using all of our stuff during training in the Academy and we discuss in depth all the tools and equipment on your online course, so you can see what you do and don’t like.

    Which works really well as we have students all at different parts of their journey, some work in salons and don’t need kits, some have home salons and already have some equipment and others are brand new and need the professional set up. We recommend that you don’t buy anything until we can discuss with you what your needs, goals and circumstances are.

    We did some market research and found most people would rather have lower course fees and be open to purchase anything they like than end up paying for a kit they haven’t chosen as it is priced into the cost. You will be paying for the kit whether it’s included or not so ask yourself : DO I WANT THE CHOICE OF WHAT I SPEND MY MONEY ON?

    Quick answer – Yes this is the best way!

    Finding your own models to bring to the Academy helps to instantly start your clientele base and build your business. Once enrolled, you will have access to a list of FB groups and handy hints with copy & paste posts to help you source your models.

    We cannot guarantee to supply you with models but if you do get stuck, we can sometimes help you source models from our Model Directory. However we do try to reserve this for interstate/ non local students and last minute no shows. 

    You can still practice your new skillset on a mannequin head or other tools but you want to get the most out of the training, and a key component to becoming successful and confident in your skills is working on models.

    Doing live models in the course helps you focus on what you are learning and live and breathe it for a few days straight so you retain the knowledge and muscle memory for holding your body in new ways to perform the treatments with precision and intent.

    5 Consecutive days 

    Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

    Find available dates here




    Quick answer – We offer flexible learning


    You will get the most from your course when you complete all sessions on the dedicated course dates but we understand that you might have a commitment you just HAVE to keep during your training week or something urgent gets sprung on you last minute. The way we have designed our courses and resources, together with the unparalleled support means its ok. Any missed theory academy sessions can be studied with ease online and missed model sessions you just skip that model. (you will have lots of people to practice on after class with our guidance and feedback!)


     Just tell us what you need help with and we will try to find a way to help you complete the course.

    Quick answer – Absolutely loads! 

      • Classic Lash Extensions
      • Volume Lash Extensions
      • Hybrid Lash Extensions
      • Promade Lash Extensions
      • Premade Lash Extensions
      • Advanced lash Styling
      • Legal & insurance liabilities and responsibilities
      • Work health & safety
      • Infection control
      • Health & hygiene regulations & requirements
      • Cleaning, disinfection & sterilisation
      • Personal hygiene & presentation
      • Skin & hair anatomy
      • Contraindications & contra-actions
      • Consultation & patch testing
      • The science of adhesives
      • Tools of the trade
      • Eye shapes & styling
      • Lashing services including removal & infill
      • Aftercare
      • Professional setup
      • Procedures
      • Troubleshooting

    Quick answer – You sure can 🙂

    We offer payment options through Zip, Afterpay, Payright or payment plan

    …And do I need to pay it all off before I can start studying?

      Nope! You can train now, pay later. Once you have made the 1st  payment, you’re good train straight away! 

    …What if I am not sure if I can afford the payment plan?

    We have many different plan options for you to choose from. Everyone’s circumstances are different, just contact us and see if we can help you get going or know of any funding you may be able to apply for.

    Quick answer – Heaps, an unparalleled amount of support!

    • Small class numbers means we get to know you and can support you on a personal level
    • Dedicated support for the duration of your course
    • General support for life – call us, message us, ask us anything
    • Access to our student support facebook group where you can chat with other students
    • FREE access to the online course for 6 months to support your learning after class
    • Invitations to all Enchanted events and free training sessions
    • 1-1 Business Coaching session with Kelly Harris in person or video call 
    • Post class feedback and assessment program including case study and knowledge question review, feedback and support. So you can get continued personalised advice on your work

    Quick answer – We can give you more time!


    We  give you 6 months because the sooner you get on and put everything into action, the easier it will be for you to keep momentum and to be successful.  If you had lifetime access, you would just keep thinking “I will do that one day” . We want you to be committed to doing this for yourself and we know how amazing your life can be once you implement what you learn and we are excited for your life to change right now! 


    But… we also know shit happens and sometimes a spanner gets thrown in the works so you need more time. Which is fine. Just let us know during your course timeframe if any major life issues occur and we can extend your course timeframe for free. If you just get lazy or contact us after your time has lapsed there are options to reopen from just $99.

    Quick answer – We would love that!

    Come in and meet us, talk to us on the phone or lets video call! Check out the academy, meet the team, ask us anything and ensure we are the right training provider for you.  We do not see students as numbers, we know you are looking to do our courses because you want something in your life to change and we want to help you do that. We love to meet you before you enrol so we can help you find the best course and payment options for YOU and YOUR circumstances. We don’t just want to teach you how to do something we want to know your goals and dreams so we can help you achieve them.

    Book a free discovery session

    We are open Mon – Thur 9:00am – 4:00pm Fri 9:00am – 1:00pm


    🗣️ Facebook Chat Box on our website, it really is us replying! ♥️

    📱  08 93009916





    📍 Shop 178, 44 Key Largo Drive, Ocean Keys, Clarkson, Perth, 6030

    Quick answer – Of course! 

    We have great online courses and help artists all around the world! Check them out here

    Quick answer – Yes, you will learn from the very best trainers who have taught thousands of very talented and successful Lash Artists.


    All of our trainers at Enchanted Beauty Institute have in depth industry experience, run our own lash and brow businesses and are passionate about delivering training to help provide you with many opportunities. We can give you useful and REAL advice from our own knowledge, history and experiences, not from a book or something we learned at a weekend seminar.

    Quick answer – For sure!!


    We would love to pick a student at random and ask them to chat with you. Just let us know and we can put you in contact.

    You can find more information on inclusions and bonuses 


    Or if you are ready to enrol, you can 


    Over the phone on 08 9300 9916

    📍 Shop 178, 44 Key Largo Drive, Ocean Keys, Clarkson, Perth, 6030

    We would love to help you on your journey X


    Do you really mean business? Fed up daydreaming and want to launch your home or commercial salon right now and have help step by step and business coaching from Kelly? 

    Book a complimentary Discovery Session here and find out all the ways we can help you


    So you are looking for training

    ………And its daunting. You have no idea how to tell who is going to be the best person or school to train with. I get it. We have so many students come to train with us after studying elsewhere who feel let down and craving more knowledge. The training has left them feeling very disappointed and questioning why they didn’t notice the red flags before they booked.


    The stories we hear are heartbreaking. Old or inadequate training delivered by an inexperienced or uncaring trainer very quickly turns your dream into a nightmare. Not to mention the wasted investment of your time and money. So make sure you do your homework!


    I am fed up with people wanting to join our wonderful industry and being let down by bad trainers and I do not want it to happen to you. Because if you’re ready to take the next step to change your life, you should invest in someone who is going to invest in you too!


    Of course, we would be honored and love for you to join our program. But it might not be for you, and that’s OK! As an advocate for quality training, I want you to get the best training for you and your goals, whoever that may be with. That’s why I’ve developed my Ultimate Guide & Checklist to choose the right trainer for you.


    You now have a great tool to help you sort through and assess the hundreds of trainers out there. If you use my Ultimate Checklist correctly, you have every chance of finding the trainer of your dreams.


    Download it for FREE 



    Don’t spend the next six months dreaming about building a business, when you could have a business built within six months!

    Future courses are already prebooked months in advance as we only accept 6 students per class, so don’t miss out,  enrol now.

    We can’t wait to meet you!

    money back guarentee

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