Classic to Volume Lash Extensions Course (CVL)

Learn everything to instantly offer all the lash services your clients are demanding with our Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course!

5 training days, 5 models, 5 lashing techniques.

This is our most popular lash extensions course where you can learn how to be a complete lash artist. Dive straight in and get fully qualified in all lashing techniques in just one course. Brand new to the industry with zero experience, or trained elsewhere and not feeling confident in your skills and knowledge?  Whether you are starting/building your beauty business or looking to be part of a salon team this course is for you.

Vouchers included $750+

Skills covered in this CVL course:

  • Classic lash extensions
  • Volume lash extensions
  • Hybrid lash extensions
  • Promade lash extensions
  • Premade lash extensions
  • Advanced lash styling
  • Beauty business fundamentals


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$1595.00 – $2595.00

Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course available at our academy in Joondalup, Perth Western Australia Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course available online book now
Academy or Online

Classic to Volume Lash extensions course duration
5 Days in Academy or Online at your own pace


EBI Certificate & National Accreditation



classic to volume lash extensions course

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about our Classic to Volume Lash Extensions course or the enrolment process, give us a call on 1300 113 996 during business hours (AWST) or send us a message online anytime!

You can also check us out on Facebook or Instagram  or look us up @enchantedbeautyinstitute

Did you know?

We used to be called Enchanted SPA and have been proudly providing lash and brow training courses in Perth and across Australia since 2015.

Pro tips on safely getting access to every lash on the lash line with tape!

Using Tape for Eyelash Extensions

What's included

Vouchers valued at $750+ we used to include basic kits on our courses but this changed in 2021. Our students can be, brand new to industry, experienced artists retraining or  salon team members. So some students have everything they need already, some have bits and pieces and others have nothing. We wanted the inclusions to be fair to everyone who enrolled so we lowered the price of our courses by up to $400 and each student receives vouchers to spend on what they choose. These are given to you at the course.

$50 off ANYTHING


$50 off A COURSE




EBI certificate of competency issued at completion of academy training or for online at completion of coursework & practical activities

National accreditation for SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions

Student Information Handbook

Workbook (115 pages) full of learning activities and assessment documents

Comprehensive Training Manual (over 150 pages) full of knowledge on ALL aspects

Ongoing support

  • Check in and follow up with our Academy Co-ordinator to help guide your student journey
  • Post course assessment program including case study review, feedback and support and knowledge assessment
  • Membership of ‘The Enchanted World’, our private online support group exclusively for Enchanted students with access to Trainers and Industry experts

5 live models – Academy students get to bring in live models to work on with us guiding them

Tools & equipment are supplied when you train in Academy

Online course access for 12 months to study at your own pace

FREE access to the online course for all Academy students (valued at $1595 and allows you to refresh at any point for 12 months)


Qualifications and Certification

You can earn the nationally accredited unit of competency SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions as part of this course.  We deliver accredited units on behalf of our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807).

This means you can enroll in and earn a Statement of Attainment for SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions with Trainwest (at no extra cost). You are eligible when you successfully complete the required case studies and assessments, as long as all course fees have been paid.

The end result is you can earn two qualifications, a certificate from Enchanted Beauty Institute and national accreditation from Trainwest.


Course Overview

This is an intensive lash extension course which can be studied online at your own pace or with us at the Academy where you will perform treatments on 5 live models.  We teach you 5 different lash methods and give you assessment activities so you can build your speed, skill and portfolio.  Our TAE qualified trainers and current industry experts, support and guide you the whole way while you build your confidence and skillset.  We recommend studying 5 consecutive days but can offer the option to split your course to 3 days and then 2 days at a later date to help with your work/life balance.


Topics covered in this course:
  • Legal & insurance liabilities and responsibilities
  • Work health & safety
  • Infection control
  • Health & hygiene regulations & requirements
  • Cleaning, disinfection & sterilisation
  • Personal hygiene & presentation
  • Skin & hair anatomy
  • Contraindications & contra-actions
  • Consultation & patch testing
  • The science of adhesives
  • Tools of the trade
  • Eye shapes & styling
  • Lashing services including removal & infill
  • Aftercare
  • Professional setup
  • Procedures
  • Troubleshooting
Case Study Assessment Requirements

Post Course Case Studies (unsupervised) = 8, plus 2 knowledge assessments

Time limit to complete all case studies and assessment requirements: up to 12 months but we highly recommend you complete them in the first 8 weeks post course

Note: additional fees may apply for case studies submitted after 12 months. See Student Information Handbook for more information.

Case Study breakdown:

  • Two full set Classic applications. One full set must be Classic, one is flexible and can be Classic, Hybrid or Premade.
  • Two in fill services (One is done in class for academy training) One must be Classic. One is flexible and can be Classic, Hybrid or Premade.
  • Two removal services (One is done in class for academy training). One is flexible and can be any type of eyelash extension removal.
  • Two full sets of light Volume lash extension applications. One full set must be handmade Volume. One is flexible and can be handmade Volume, Hybrid or Premade.

If you would like a further breakdown on what you are assessed on please follow the link to the government accreditation requirements.

Comprehensive curriculum breakdown

Beauty Business Foundations

  • Insurance & Legal
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Health & Hygiene Regulations & Requirements
  • Personal Hygiene & Presentation

Anatomy, Physiology & Consultation

  • Skin, Hair and Eye Anatomy Theory
  • Contraindications and contra actions – when you should and shouldn’t lash and what can happen
  • Consultation and Patch Testing – why you should do it even if you don’t HAVE to

Lash Fundamentals – the first steps in developing your artistry

  • Understanding the different types of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension Curls, Lengths and Thicknesses
  • Eye Shapes and Styles and how to recognise them
  • Choosing the right Extensions and Styling for your client and how to map it
  • Safe extension lengths and thicknesses
  • Lash types, quality and manufacturing
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Humidity and its effect on Eyelash Extension Application
  • Work Area Preparation
Technical/Practical Skills

Lashing Procedure – learning how to professionally, safely and skillfully select and apply different types of eyelash extensions

  • Cleaning the natural lashes
  • Safe application of eyepads and tape
  • Measuring the natural lash and applying extensions
  • Pulling back the layers
  • What to do when your client’s eyelids flicker or don’t fully shut
  • Taping to access inner and downward facing lashes
  • Rinsing lashes after extension application

Practical skills breakdown

  • Dispensing and setting up extension strips and adhesive
  • Picking up lash extensions
  • Adhesive pickup
  • How to isolate different hair growth stages
  • Extension placement and attachment options
  • Bonding area of an extension
  • Basic lash correction
  • Identifying and dealing with stickies

Removals and Infills

  • Infills
    • Overview – when to infill and how
    • Cleaning lashes and applying eyepads
    • Checking lash set for extensions to be removed
    • Infilling lash extensions
  • Removals
    • Banana peel method
    • Isolated removal method
    • Full removal method
    • Melody Liu Fast Removal method using cream adhesive remover

Advanced techniques for Correction, Density, Texture & Variation

  • Mixing Curls
  • Correction techniques
  • Adding texture and density

Volume Lash Fundamentals and Healthy lashing

  • Soft, Volume, Mega Volume (from 2D all the way through to 8D)
  • Wide and Narrow Fans
  • How to choose the right thickness for the client’s natural lash and the fan type you want to apply
  • Healthy Lashing keeping to safe extension weights for the natural lash and how to calculate them.

Volume Lash Techniques

  • Fan structure and theory
  • Creating Fans using different methods
  • Fanning Distances and Placement
  • Fanning techniques
    • Bounce technique
    • Pull to the side technique
    • Roll technique
    • Fan pickup
    • Insight to mega volume techniques
  • Volume adhesive pickup
  • Volume attachment, wrapping and threading
Rounding out your Skill set
  • Premade eyelash extensions how and when to use them for time saving and convenience
  • Promade eyelash extensions
    • how to use the fans you make yourself while you’re practicing to build up speed
    • how to store them hygienically
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions – mixing classic eyelash extensions with handmade volume, premades and promades

Aftercare and product upsells

Tips & Tricks