Salon Business and Marketing Course


4 training days, 26 In Depth Activities, 1 complete Business & Marketing plan

Want to give up the day job and launch a successful Beauty Business?

Whether you are just starting out with zero experience or already established you can have more purpose and control.  Stop the overwhelm of not knowing what to do, when and why! 

Plan and build it all in class with us as we share ideas and strategies just for YOUR business to make YOU stand out in the market.

Own a REAL business with budgets, revenue targets and growth goals, marketing plans and start to make real profit so you can live the life you love!

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No experience necessary

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What you will learn

Build Your Business With Kelly Harris. Learn All Her Strategies That Have Built Her Home Salons, Commercial Salon Chain and Training Academy. Create Your very own Business And Marketing Plan So You Can Start Earning And Building Your Business Instantly.

Find Yourself

So you can be clear on who you are, your values, your business goals to be confident in claiming what you deserve

Set Your Business Structure

Design the life you want to live and THEN set your work hours. Don’t be tied down by the 9-5 or other peoples demands

Find Your Ideal Customer

Attract the clients who see the value in paying you what you are worth instead of scrambling for the unloyal deal chasers

Business Name

Thoughtfully and intently choose the best business name to represent you and your values and legally make it yours, everywhere! 


Design a branding you will be proud of with colours, fonts and logos that show your business personality and talk directly to your ideal client

Social Media Stategy

Develop a social media strategy plan to dive into your clients mindset and sell without being salesy on platforms that work for YOUR business

Social Media Content

Build a library of professional, engaging and relevant content so you always know what to post and when, even while you sleep!

Loyal Clients

Once you have attracted your ideal client, turn them into loyal recurring clients who also help you build your clientele to get fully booked, FAST!

Pricing and Financials

Work out your business costs and set your prices to ensure your business is viable, profitable, and financially stable to give you work/life balance

Increase revenue

Identify and investigate business opportunities. Budget, plan and implement growth like extra services, extra staff and going commercial!

Minimise Risk

Incorporate both your strengths and weaknesses to minimise the risks in your business as you make educated and concise decisions

Business Plan

All your goals and strategies in an official business plan to use as your roadmap to success and even take to the bank for a loan! 

money back guarentee

Who You Will learn From


Who You Will learn from

Hi My Name Is Kelly Harris...

My passion and life purpose is to help people just like you to have confidence, financial independence and the freedom to build your own business around your happy, balanced lifestyle. The way I do this is by helping you start your own lash and brow business. Heres me in a nutshell – 
  • I have been in the industry since 1994 I was just 13 years old 
  • A fully qualified hairdresser at 15
  • Fully Qualified Beautician at 17
  • Qualified trainer and assessor at 17 teaching in college
  • Owned a mobile hair and beauty business
  • Brought my 1st  commercial salon at 18
  • Brought my 2nd at 24
  • Met my husband had 3 kids moved from UK to Australia
  • Owned a home salon while my kids were babies
  • Founded EBI in 2015 with World renowned extensive curriculum
  • Multi award winning artist
  • Been featured in multiple magazines and books
  • Travel the World speaking at conferences, judging comps and delivering training

    That list isn’t there to show off or say “ohh look at me” its there to show you that whatever your goals are for the skills you learn in this course, I have been there, done it and we can help you achieve it too. You can work from home, rent a space in a salon, or open your own commercial salon! Be your own boss, have the flexibility and freedom  to make your own decisions and choices.



    LEARN IN A SMALL GROUP CLASS of only 4 students

    business course

    Get The One-On-One Attention, Guidance, and Support You Deserve

    Most business courses cram their classes with 20-30 people. That means you don’t get the attention you deserve, or the skills you need. 

    But we know you want to launch a successful business that funds the lifestyle you deserve so we max our business courses at just 4 students!  We want to hear all about your story and your goals to help you achieve the most incredible results, we love hanging out with you and getting to know you on a personal level.

    PLUS you make friends who are on the same journey at the same time.

    Other courses teach you about business by looking at huge companies, we will teach you about business as we work ON YOUR BUSINESS!!!! This course has been specially adapted to lash and brow businesses so you can build yours from the ground up, right there in the room with us!

    we don’t leave you to do it all alone

    After your course, we are still here for you through our post course assessment program

    You can complete most of this course in class with us or choose to continue to work on your business plan post course and send to us for feedback, guidance and personalised advice  so we can help you remain on the right track and achieve your nationally accredited certificate. DOUBLE WIN!


    As a continuation from this course, you have the option to enrol into the nationally accredited Micro Business Skillset

    BSBSS00102 Micro business skillset

    Comprising of the units of competency

    BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities


    BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans

    You will have 12 whole months to successfully complete assessments &  knowledge assessments

    We assess accredited units on behalf of our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807).

    money back guarentee

    exclusive free bonuses

    When You Enrol, You Get ALL This For No Extra Cost At All!!


    Private 1-1 Business Coaching Session With Kelly Harris - $245

    Start your lash business with the help from someone who’s been in the industry for over 2 decades and grown a wildly successful business. (video call or in person)



    Comprehensive Manual (hardcopy) - $150

    Your manual is packed with important and useful information that you can refer to whenever you feel stuck or unsure. For reference, our manuals are over 100 pages each. That means whatever problem you may face, you’ll find the answer for it in this manual that is yours forever!



    Comprehensive Workbook (hardcopy) - $150

    Filled with business building Activities to get all of your ideas, goals and strategies out of your head and onto paper. This is a working document that you will continually refer to and update as your business grows.



    PLUS - money back!

    Cash Credits added instantly to your EBI account

    Architect program upgrade

    $1000 Credit

    Architect program upgrade

    $1000 Credit

    Business Coaching

    $100 Credit

    Any Enchanted Course

    $100 Credit

    Anything From EBI Website

    $50 Credit


    PLUS - Unlimited and Unparalleled support!

    For help during and after your training

    Dedicated Support

    For the duration of your course

    Ongoing Support

    Even years after you train with us


    To all enchanted events and free training sessions

    Access To Our Exclusive Student Support Group

    Chat with other students, post questions and look for help

    Dedicated Support

    Throughout the duration of your course

    Ongoing Support

    Even years after you train with us


    To all enchanted events and free training sessions

    Access To Our Exclusive Student Support Group

    Chat with other students, post questions and look for help

    money back guarentee

    How Much is running Your Own Successful Business, worth To You?

    For most of our clients, the answer to that is priceless. And even though you can get a fully accredited micro business skillset qualification with the skills and confidence to start earning in just 4 days with this course… Plus, all the above included bonuses, you won’t pay that when you join today.

    The total cost for everything you receive in this course including all the above bonuses without even including the all the valuable support you will get is

    well over $4,200!!!

    BUT you won’t pay that when you join today. In fact, you won’t even pay half.

    You’ll pay just $2,495

    Thats only 10 x $249.50 per fortnight

    Even better, you will


    Save $200

    Instantly when you choose the pay in full option using Credit/Debit card/Afterpay/Zip pay

    Thats only $2,195

    That’s a small investment for a successful business and life you love. Start Today with ZERO risk and a whole new life to gain.


    Money Back Guarantee

    Remember, your investment with us is 100% protected by our money back guarantee. – We guarantee to deliver everything that we promise or you won’t pay a cent.  So back yourself now and take your first step to turning your dreams into reality.

    money back guarentee

    This course is life changing for EVERYONE who wants to be a successful home or commercial salon owner ...

    New lash and brow artists wanting to launch a succesful business striaght away

  • Launch your business with pride and confidence rather than fear and doubt. 
  • Know what to do and when with our step by step process
  • Set your business up to fully support you financially
  • Don’t waste time trying to figure it out or copy other failing businesses
  • Beauty Business owners who need to grow and stabalise their business

  • Finally run your business instead of your business running you!
  • You have worked hard to get to where you are, let us help take you further
  • Don’t give up, we can do this together
  • Be proud of yourself while you take responsibility for creating your own happiness and success
  • Home salon owners who are thinking of moving to a commercial salon

  • Work out everything to decide if, when and how to grow into a  commercial salon
  • Don’t let people minimise your “small business” You know you can achieve more, you know you deserve more
  • Bring all your ideas to the table and make a plan with us on how to make your dream a reality
  • Make educated decisions on all the options in front of you, even the ones you don’t see yet!
  • Start making a life not just a living
  • what our students say


    FAQS - Salon Business And MArketing Course

    Quick answer – Your World changes 

    Here it is in a nutshell

    • You enrol and secure your dates
    • We contact you to welcome you to the family and answer any questions you may have
    • You come in for your 4 days dedicated course dates and sit with Kelly to build your business
    • You have a great week and leave with new friends and your EBI certificate 
    • If you successfully submit all required evidence and are deemed competent, you will get your nationally recognised certificate
    • We congratulate you
    • You are extremely happy
    • Your life begins to change
    • The world is a better place

    Quick answer – Yes you can actually get 2!


    You will be presented with an EBI certificate on your last day in class with us at the Academy. You will also be enrolled to earn a Statement of Attainment for unit of competency for BSBSS00102 Micro business skillset comprising the units of competency BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities and BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans with Trainwest.

    You can receive your nationally recognised certificate when you successfully complete the required case studies and assessments, as long as all course fees have been paid and your course time hasn’t expired.

    We deliver accredited courses on behalf of our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO provider code 51807)

    4 Consecutive days 

    9:00am – 4:00pm

    Quick answer – Absolutely loads! 


    Worksheets and activities to develop tools, processes and resources for your own business after coursework has been completed

    Trainers will use your business content and dreams to create practical tools relevant to your business

    • What your core values are
    • Who your ideal client is
    • What your business hours should be and why
    • What your business name should be and how to make it yours everywhere
    • How to design your own business branding kit ( logo, colours, fonts)
    • How to develop a social media strategy plan
    • How to get into your customers mindset
    • How to build a content library so you always know what to post and when
    • How to sell on Social Media without being salesy
    • How to show up on socials even while you sleep!
    • How to design and create professional, relevant and engaging content         
    • How to work out business costs
    • What you should be charging to run a profitable, financially stable business
    • How to increase your revenue
    • How to budget, plan and implement growth like extra services, extra staff, and going commercial
    • How to turn clients into loyal regulars
    • How to develop a business plan to use as a roadmap to success
    • How to identify and investigate new business opportunities
    • How to work to your strengths and incorporate your weaknesses
    • How to minimise the risks in your business
    • How to ensure your business is viable and profitable



    Quick answer – You sure can 🙂

    We offer payment options through Zip, Afterpay, Payright or payment plan


    …And do I need to pay it all off before I can start studying?

      Nope! You can train now, pay later. Once you have made the 1st  payment, you’re good train straight away! 


    …What if I am not sure if I can afford the payment plan?


    Everyone’s circumstances are different, just contact us and see if we can help you get going or know of any funding you may be able to apply for.

    Quick answer – Heaps, an unparalleled amount of support!

    • Small class numbers means we get to know you and can support you on a personal level
    • Dedicated support for the duration of your course
    • General support for life – call us, message us, ask us anything
    • Access to our student support facebook group where you can chat with other students
    • Invitations to all Enchanted events and free training sessions
    • 1-1 Business Coaching session with Kelly Harris in person or video call 
    • Post class feedback and assessment program. So you can get continued personalised advice on your work

    Quick answer – We would love that!

    Come in and meet us, talk to us on the phone or lets video call! Check out the academy, meet the team, ask us anything and ensure we are the right training provider for you.  We do not see students as numbers, we know you are looking to do our courses because you want something in your life to change and we want to help you do that. We love to meet you before you enrol so we can help you find the best course and payment options for YOU and YOUR circumstances. We don’t just want to teach you how to do something we want to know your goals and dreams so we can help you achieve them.

    Book a free discovery session

    We are open Mon – Thurs 9:00am – 4:00pm Fri 9:00am – 1:00pm


    🗣️ Facebook Chat Box on our website, it really is us replying! ♥️

    📱  08 93009916





    Quick answer – Yes, you will learn from Directly from Kelly Harris.

    All of our trainers at Enchanted Beauty Institute have in depth industry experience, run our own lash and brow businesses and are passionate about delivering training to help provide you with many opportunities. We can give you useful and REAL advice from our own knowledge, history and experiences, not from a book or something we learned at a weekend seminar.

    Quick answer – We can give you more time!


    We  give you 6 months because the sooner you get on and put everything into action, the easier it will be for you to keep momentum and to be successful.  If you had lifetime access, you would just keep thinking “I will do that one day” . We want you to be committed to doing this for yourself and we know how amazing your life can be once you implement what you learn and we are excited for your life to change right now! 


    But… we also know shit happens and sometimes a spanner gets thrown in the works so you need more time. Which is fine. Just let us know during your course timeframe if any major life issues occur and we can extend your course timeframe for free. If you just get lazy or contact us after your time has lapsed there are options to reopen from just $99.

    Quick answer – For sure!!


    We would love to pick a student at random and ask them to chat with you. Just let us know and we can put you in contact.


    Over the phone on 08 9300 9916

    In person at the Academy Shop 178, 44 Key Largo Drive, Ocean Keys, Clarkson, 6030

    We would love to help you on your journey X


    Do you really mean business? Fed up daydreaming and want to launch your home or commercial salon right now and have help step by step and business coaching from Kelly? 

    Check out our signature program


    Don’t spend the next six months dreaming about building a business, when you could have a business built within six months!

    Future courses are already prebooked months in advance as we only accept 4 students per business class, so don’t miss out,  enrol now.

    We can’t wait to help you!

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