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F*@# All Friday – Why this is the most important day for my business

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On Fridays I schedule F*@# ALL. It is the day I do the least amount of anything and yet it rewards me with so much. Nothing major is scheduled in on Fridays so I can choose what I WANT to do.

Maybe I will lounge all day watching Netflix or go for lunch with a friend, play golf with Sean, catch up on work, start a new project……..or just sleep all day! I can do whatever I choose. Mainly my Fridays look like this:

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  • Take kids to and from school
  • Walk dog
  • Swim and lay in the sun for 3 hours doing F*@# ALL

now this is the important bit:

  • I just sit and think… no phone no laptop just a reading book, notepad and pen




I could spend my time thinking about the kids and what we could do on the weekend. Maybe I’ll think about a work project and make notes on my different thought avenues. I might come up with a blog idea or a new course, or work through an issue or problem that has occurred. Or I might just drink a corona and enjoy the silence and serenity of my peaceful green garden against the crystal, glimmering water in my pool!

The Master Plan, or not!

I might:

  • hash out a master plan
  • or write a food plan
  • not pick up the pen and just read a book

All of these things I might do are so heavily important in the structure and success of my business. If I don’t have time to feel on top of everything, time to sit and process what has happened that week and start thinking about what my next week will look like…. That is when burn out will hit and I will be no good to no one.

Having time to yourself with no commitments is the most freeing thing in the world. There is nothing I HAVE to do on a Friday. I get to do nothing. And I won’t give myself a hard time if Fridays aren’t productive. I will congratulate myself on the fact that I rested my body and mind ready to hit the wheel hard again Monday morning.

I am calm, I am ready for the weekend to spend time with my family and fully concentrate on them

kelly with sean and kids in limo

Make time to be free

Sometimes I choose to clean the house, wash the bedding and make our family home nice for Sean and the kids when they come home from work and school so it helps them turn off and get into rest mode. Yes we could get a cleaner to do those tasks but I enjoy doing a “mothering job” it sets my mindset up for the day knowing I have contributed to the happiness of our house.

I enjoy doing the school runs on a Friday as most week days this is either done in a rush or a tag team job with Sean. One of us will do the drop off one will do the pickup. On these days it feels like a chore, we are busy with everything else and have to stop what we are doing to go get the kids. We have dancing and acting and golf classes to rush around for but on Fridays its an enjoyable time, nice and calm and we have a good long chat about their days. I choose to walk Benji our dog.

Any other day of the week these are rushed, necessary and seen as same shit different day. But on Fridays my mindset is different, so the experience is different. The kids get canteen lunch on a Friday. Another way of them knowing its time to slow down for the weekend.

We all set our businesses up for a better life so start taking charge of it and incorporate your own version of F*@# ALL FRIDAY.  Once I had been doing it for about 6 months, I started to roll the intent into other days so now I am fortunate enough to wake up each day and decide what I want to do that day. I am a workaholic so most days I choose to work lol but that’s where the beauty lies……….. I choose to, I am not forced to, and that’s the power of being an entrepreneur.

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On Fridays I schedule F*@# ALL. It is the day I do the least amount of anything and yet it rewards me with so much. Start taking charge and plan to do nothing!
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