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International Women’s Day is on Monday 8th March 2021 with the theme #choosetochallenge and we can’t think of a better time to empower women and turn the focus to YOU!

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Empower Women, #choosetochallenge

At Enchanted Beauty Institute, we want to make 2021 the year for our staff, past and present students, and all women out there to have a focus on:

  • Healthy and Happy balance
  • Taking Control
  • Finding time for Friends and Family

Healthy and Happy

Good mental and physical health needs to be number 1. Only with this can you manage the rest.

TASK: Write down the pros and cons of your current routine in relation to your health. How far do you travel to work? Do you like your work environment? Do you come home happy or stressed? Is your workplace flexible?

empowering women pros verses cons checklist
Pros versus Cons,  #choosetochallenge

Taking Control

Use your pros and cons list to TAKE CONTROL. Take those cons and explore what can you do to remove them from your life…..if there aren’t many pros on your list, ask yourself why? Positive changes can mean a healthier and happier state of mind.

#choosetochallenge the barriers that are disempowering you. Don’t like your work environment?  Why? Perhaps it’s time to create your own working environment. Do you come home from work short tempered with everyone? Perhaps you don’t enjoy the work you do, and it’s just a means to an end. Maybe 2021 is the right time to consider YOU!

Time for Family and Friends

Do you find yourself saying NO to invites to hang with your friends or to take the kids on a trip to the river for a picnic? Are you always saying that you are too tired, or “next weekend when I have more time”.  YOU need to create the time. #choosetochallenge old fashioned bias that you can’t have a career and a social life.

Family and friends are usually your support network.  The ones that prop you up and keep you going.  But they can’t do that if you are always finding excuses.  Making time to hang with the ones you love is good for the soul. They energise us to keep on going. FIND TIME to be with them.  If you currently can’t find that time put it on the con list and then TAKE CONTROL.

Build the life you love

If you have too many cons on your list then perhaps 2021 is the right time for you to launch or re-start your own micro-business.  Taking the leap into owning your own business can give you greater economic independence, flexibility and work/life balance. It could remove those cons!

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#choosetochallenge Is this you?

Creating your own business can help women achieve those personal aspirations without giving up the career goals.  So, if you have the dream, the motivation and enthusiasm to start, or perhaps for some of you reading you just need to continue what is already started, then let’s do this 2021!

Don’t let doubts creep in or listen to people who say you can’t create a REAL business, or earn enough money, or the market is too saturated.

If you have a dream, chase it, and when you achieve it, yell it out to the world!  Check out this International Women’s Day article on how women are dominating in micro-business around the globe and why its helping women to find that healthy and happy balance.  #choosetochallenge https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Missions/14498/Small-is-big-Women-are-thriving-on-their-own-terms


For International Women’s Day 2021,  at Enchanted Beauty Institute we #choosetochallenge:

  1. the belief that you can’t do it, you’re not smart enough, young enough, old enough, pretty enough. ENOUGH! You can do it, and you are enough.
  2. stereotypes that working in beauty is ‘not a real career’, ‘something you do till you get a real job’ or only for ‘girly’ girls.  Thousands and thousands of women with different backgrounds, killing it in their home salons around the world, working the hours they want on their own terms and loving life say hi!
  3. the idea we can’t celebrate our achievements or talk about our successes. Screw that noise!  When we raise ourselves and each other up, we all win….and so do our daughters and the women of the future.

Stand with us and let’s strengthen our focus to empower women in 2021.  For International Women’s Day and for women everywhere, challenge inequality, stand up to bias, celebrate your wins and those of your sisterhood big and small. Most importantly, kick those stereotypes to the kerb, they have no place in our lives.

In the spirit of celebrating women’s achievements, check out our student spotlights on amazing women pushing through barriers to live their best lives! https://enchantedbeauty.institute/student-spotlight-marianne-cornish-mluxe-lash-brow-collective/





For International Women's Day 2021, #choosetochallenge inequality, stand up to bias, celebrate your wins and those of your sisterhood. Kick those stereotypes to the kerb!
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