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Do you promise yourself that next week will be different?

Life Lesson #1. You say to yourself “that’s it! My diet starts next Monday”.  But do you find time? Come Wednesday all the good intentions go and you write the whole week off; only to promise yourself again that come Monday you will be ready to change your life.

We all have someone we look up to… she looks like she has it all and has all her shit together. But where the hell does she find time? She runs a business, is an amazing mum, wife, daughter, friend… Does yoga, studies, and has a seat on the PTA when half of us can’t even find the time to finish a series on bloody Netflix!

We all would like to improve our lives and as a consequence we spend a lot of time convincing ourselves one day we will find time to learn a valuable life lesson; only to stay in the same place, making the same promises inside our heads for weeks, months and even years.

A great example of this happening is this…

If you are lucky enough to carry a baby ( I say this because I truly see it as a blessing ), all through the pregnancy even though you love what you are doing, I bet you start making even more promises to yourself to find time. For instance:

“When I’ve had this baby I am going to be so energetic I am going to:

  • Run 10 kms wearing headphones and pushing the baby in a jogging buggy.

  • Have a girls night out once a month and hit the town and let my hair down

  • Pierce my belly button because my body will be fit as once this bump deflates

  • Take up kick boxing because if I can push a baby out I can take on anyone in a fight”

And so the list goes on.

But do we do it? Bahahah nope!
We get busy again; because the baby is here.

We then do the same when all the kids are in full time school, we daydream about learning a life lesson and what we will do:

  • Have lunch with friends
  • Study
  • Have me time
  • Actually have sex with our partners!
  • Join the gym

Do we do it? Maybe for the first week……

But then its back to wasting time finding things to keep us busy; because we feel it will all fall apart if the laundry bin isn’t empty and all the socks aren’t paired!

Then there are the “one days”

  • One day we will have enough money to get my nails done regularly
  • One day we will get a baby sitter and go to a hotel for a night… just us
  • One day I will learn to be a personal trainer or forensic scientist!
  • One day my partner and kids will see what I am truly capable of being

Well my friends. One day is this day! No more putting things off. No more feeling suffocated and consumed by everything you have to do; and time to make way for the things you actually want to do.

Time for you to be the one with all her shit together.  Time for your life lesson! And I am going to show you how.


All you need to do is head to our global academy online here and sign up to get access to your free lesson straight away!

Enjoy! xx

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