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How much will my home salon setup cost?

As a premier Lash & Brow training Academy, at Enchanted SPA we are asked this all the time.  We also get “What do I need for my home salon setup? Where does everyone go to get amazing and affordable décor and accessories? How do I know it will look great together?”

The brilliant thing about starting a home based lash & brow business is the start up costs are low.  When you put together a beautiful on-trend home salon setup with all of the tools, equipment and accessories you need, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You don’t need a big budget or your own interior designer, especially not when you have stores like IKEA!  Be smart and benefit from the skill  and knowledge of their international designers!  They look forward for global trends and develop beautiful collections that work together with complimentary colours, texture and quality. You can get interior design advice for free just by reading the product descriptions and explanations for design!

Furniture, decor and accessories like prints, pillows and throws – it’s all available in the one place and everything looks amazing together.  Add in the efficiency of flat pack  and bulk buying and you have affordable, stylish options in many different designs and colours.  It’s like Disneyland for grown ups!

The Challenge

We thought it would be really cool if we could show how a home salon setup could be done in a real store.  So we asked IKEA if we could film our team as they selected pillows, throws, trolleys and décor items.  The brief?  To create a stylish, coordinated and professional looking home salon on a budget.  We wanted to show everyone just how easy it is.

Not only did IKEA say YES, but our amazing local IKEA team of Natalie, Anna and Taylor jumped on board.  They let us have free run of the store and joined us to provide their awesome product knowledge and advice.  The result? Two amazing looks, lots of fun and confirmation that IKEA is a definite go-to for anyone setting up or redecorating their salon.

Check out the amazing products and fresh looks we put together and get some ideas for your own salon in our video!  Enjoy!

To see if there is an IKEA store near you, check out their website here for Australia.  For International locations, click here.

Enchanted SPA did not receive any financial or product benefit as a result of filming this challenge. This is not a paid promotion, product placement or endorsement. We approached IKEA because in our opinion they offer affordable and quality basics for home salons; that are gorgeous, always on-trend and easy to put together.

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